Nutrition Consultation

($75-one time payment)

What is it?

  • Well-rounded nutrition plan for your needs

  • Individualized macro-nutrient based on your KNP consult form

  • Additional electronic information including: Pre/post-workout and bedtime meal recommendations, supplement recommendations, etc.

  • Q&A videos and documents of typical nutrition questions

  • Recommended meal prep websites

  • Two weeks of 24/7 access for questions and advice


Who is this for?

  • Individuals who do not need daily check-ins and simply need accurate information in order to keep their nutrition in check

  • Athletes who have tracked macros/calories in the past

  • Great for all individuals and athletes, especially those who compete in sports (CrossFit, running, swimming, etc.)


What is the goal?

  • To start a foundation for their nutrition journey

  • Specific to the individual’s goals depending on the athlete’s sport or lifestyle

  • Receive as much information as possible and answer typical nutrition questions in our time together

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