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Registered Nurse

"KNP led me to challenge myself more in the gym and educated me so much in how nutrition plays a role in my everyday life. KNP taught me a balance of discipline and leniency. Through KNP I achieved so many small victories from getting T2B, KPU, HSPU, rope climbs, C2B, push ups to getting my best time in the Evansville Half Marathon. Choosing KNP changed my life. If you give it a chance, you won’t be disappointed."



Sr. Operations Analyst-Branch

"Thank you KNP for helping me change my relationship with food.  This is not a diet, it's a new way of life and if you're truly committed to the program, it works!  Not only have I lost weight and have more energy, I am now off my pre-diabetes and high cholesterol meds (with dr. approval) thanks to the shift in how I eat."



Lab Technician

"I've always had a difficult relationship with food, and while I know the logic behind eating more and losing weight I couldn't get past the mental block of it. Gretchen has helped me to be comfortable with eating frequently and incorporating carbs into my diet in a way I never thought I could."



Dental Hygienist

"KNP has helped me bridge the gaps in my knowledge with nutrition and the programming has helped me work through and come back from injury. My body composition is changing in ways I didn't think were possible. Gretchen honors my goals, respects my vision, and is the catalyst to my success as an athlete."

Whitney Leigh


Social Worker

“KNP nutrition challenge assisted me with stepping outside of my comfort zone. The challenge educated me on the importance of balanced meals and snacks. Meal prepping has been essential and allows me to have nutritious food sources readily available. Overall, I feel better both physically and mentally. I recommend people to give the challenge a try and remember to trust the process. Thanks Gretchen.”

Michele Hancock



"When I started KNP, I was feeling in a rut and at a plateau in my CrossFit journey. I felt like I needed an extra push and some accountability to get me out of my comfort zone. Since joining KNP I have seen major improvements such as hitting PR's on all of my OLY lifts, improving on my gymnastics, conquering fears, such as handstand walks and rope climbs. I have also seen changes in my body and competed in a CrossFit comp this past November and felt more confident than ever going into it."

Angie Tracy


IT Project Manager

"Working with Gretchen has changed me physically and mentally. Her nutrition program has helped me lose weight and gain confidence. The conditioning program has improved my endurance significantly. I’m becoming faster and stronger, while losing weight and changing my body. Thanks for being awesome, Gretchen!"

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